Camanche Hills Hunting Preserve & Sporting Clays
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Camanche Hills Hunting Preserve 3-D Archery Range
Camanche Hills is now offering a multi station three dimensional Rinehart archery range.  Archery enthusiasts can practice and test their skills on a challenging and exciting archery course.  Each station offers a unique challenge with different  life-like animal targets. 
  $10.00 per round
Camanche Hills
3-D Archery Course Information
Before entering the archery course you must first sign in at the clubhouse. You also need to sign out before you leave. 

Our course is set up as a hunting trail, and the yardages are not marked, so make sure that you bring your range finder. The course consists of 7 stations with multiple targets. Please be sure of your targets. You may not shoot any live animals.

Please do not bring any broad-heads with you. They are not allowed on the course. Field points only.

There are recovery trails from the shooing positions to the targets. You may safely retrieve your arrows from your target(s) at any time. Please stay on the trails at all time. No wandering.
Archery Summer Course
Archery Winter Course